Sunday, August 2, 2015

Still around - waiting for retirement

So much time has past since I last got on here. I get busy and don't think about keeping up with this or many of the other sites I go to. I'm still making Tic Tac Toe games and have expanded the themes for them. I still do make Barbie doll clothes but have expanded to include 18" American Girl style doll clothes. They are much easier for me to sew as I get older and I can use up more material. It seem lately I've been adding more to my material stash instead of use up that material. I now have around 6 1/2 large containers full of material. I got to stop buying more and using some of this up. I have been buying new patterns when they are on sale so I now have around 25 different ones to choose from. Just need to find time to sew. I did buy me a new sewing machine. It's a Brother SQ9185 - now I just have to learn how to use it. Doing pretty good on straight seams but haven't gotten into the fancy stitches yet. It has around 100 different stitches and you can sew letter and number with it. Got lots to learn. I guess I'll just have to wait until I retire in a couple of years and hope I have time to learn and do everything that I want.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

So much - what to do with it all

Over the years, I've collected material with the plans to make something with it. Some of the material I've used to make bags for my plastic canvas tic tac toe games. Now I have decided to use some of the material to make Barbie doll clothes. I had so much material I do believe it will take me a couple of years to get it all made up. Here is just some of the pieces that I have to work with.

and some more

and yet more

And this is not all. There is still more. I have 3 large container of material. Not all of it is going to be for Barbie's clothes but a lot of it will.

Here are a few items that I've gotten done.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Been a bit ......

Didn't realize how long it had been since I was on here. Have been making some new tic tac toe games and a few other items the past few months. Started to make accessories in some great colors. Love using multi colored yarn. Makes for some great pattern designs. Hope that in the new year I'll get on here more. Have a second laptop at home now and don't have to share with hubby for computer time.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Seller?

Do I have a best seller in my shop? Yes, it it my tic-tac-toe games. I made the first one because I have this list of items that I want to make. And one of them was a tic-tac-toe game. Not that I have anyone to play the game with, just wanted to make it because it was "cute".

This one was made using 7-mesh canvas and 4-ply yarn for the game board and 10-mesh canvas and embroidery floss for the game pieces. I made an small box for storage of the game pieces. I received a request to make a second one , only with different colors. So that was the start of a new line in my Etsy shop.

Little did I know that by Christmas time, every game set that I made would be sold. They are not lasting long as listing in my shop. I went from making the small butterflies and blooms set to other theme sets.

I made set with the following themes (some of them twice):
Standard Set - X's and O's in contrast colors
Anchors Away - life preservers and anchors
Christmas Sweets - Peppermints and Candy Canes
Valentine's Day - Hearts and Kisses (X's)
St Patrick's Day - Shamrocks and Gold
Easter - Bunnies and Eggs
For Spring - Baseballs and Bats

My biggest problem has been what to use for storage of the game pieces and/or set. I started making small boxes for the game pieces, which were OK but I knew I wanted something better. Then I made bags for the whole game set with a small box for the pieces. Those were OK also, but not what I really wanted. Then I made the game board into a storage box. That was great but time consuming to make. So now I'm at the point of seeing which one will sell best - bags or boxes. Which one would you want - the bags or the box?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The move is over

Well the move it over and done with. So glad, now I can get settled into a routine and enjoy being in the Houston area. Now if the weather would just warm up. Tried of below freezing temps. Any way ...
Have a new craft room, so I try and get photos to post later on. Everything is unpacked and has a new home. It has taken me a bit to get back into my crafts, but I'm ready to get at them. I hope to be able to get here each week and update. But don't hold me to it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moving Time

The big move to the Houston area is almost here. I have been busy getting things ready for the move. Once I accepted the new position, I had to find a place to live. The internet is a great way to look at houses and work on getting the selection down to just a few. My husband and I must of looked to over 100 possible houses. Found the one that I wanted. Worked with a great guy from the Houston area in getting this place. Made a fast trip to Houston to check out the house. Got a lease signed and a move in date. Now it is getting our stuff packed (company is going pay for the move) and on the truck and to Houston. Not looking forward to the unpacking - moving company will do the packing but not the unpacking. Will have to put my etsy shop on hold during the move, hope it doesn't hurt sales - they are just picking up. Need to go work on getting a few craft items packed so I'll be able to find them later.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Job

Got a new position with my company USG in Galena Park TX. That means that I'll be moving from Mississippi to Texas. Galena Park is part of the Houston area. Will have lots of places to go eat and shop at. It will be nice to be close to shopping and have more than 4 places to sit down and eat. Just have to go down and look for a place to live. Have been looking on line and have picked out a couple of houses.

The bad part of this is the getting ready for the move. It is cutting into my craft time and I haven't been putting any new items in my etsy shop. Have been relisting items, but not the same as new items. Have been working on a new tic-tac-toe game but between training my co-workers to do my old job and getting ready for this move I have not been working on my crafts much. Will keep y'all posted.