Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quick Update #2

Been busy make some new tic-tac-toe games. They seem to be a good seller for me on my etsy shop. I do need to be making some other items but not in the mood to work on anything else. Had to take some time off from crafts to take a couple of computer classes for work. Fun classes, just long hours that I can't use for crafts.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Seems like I'm painting

Been working on new items for my etsy shop and letting my blog just sit. Sorry for that.

I've been working on some door signs. It is so much fun to watch the design develop as I add new rows and colors. In a way it is like doing a painting, you start with a plain piece of canvas and by add color and texture with your stitches you create a picture.

Some pictures many not be of a set object but a grouping of color. That is what happens sometimes when I do a solid piece. Each color works with the next and before long you have a warm feeling about what you have made. I love sharing that feeling with others. I hope you can find the warmth in my items as you check them out.

Thanks to all of you who are and have been following this blog. I hope to figure out how to follow each and everyone of you. Just give me sometime to work at it.